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Your wedding should be a day to remember for all the right reasons, and for the couple planning it, it should be a completely stress-free experience. Like many tasks, using the services of a professional will relieve you of the burden and allow you to get on with enjoying the beginning of your new life together. We’re based in Ottawa, and we want to make your wedding planning journey as simple as possible. We offer wedding planning services that will make your big day run as smoothly as possible and give you the wedding you’ve always dreamed of.

Why do I need a wedding planner?

Planning a wedding has many aspects to it, and executing a successful wedding isn’t always as easy as you might hope. Imagine the hassle of organizing guest lists, planning seating, arranging venues, researching vendors for flowers, catering, accessories…The list is not never-ending, but it’s quite close! LUXE Weddings & Events can start working with you up to a year before your big day to make sure that everything goes just as you would like it to. You can plan everything yourself, but you will find that it soon overtakes everything else that you do, and leaves you stressed out, worn out, and completely weddinged-out.

It’s not just a matter of sourcing everything you need and making sure that all things happen on a schedule. There’s a budget to contend with, venues to negotiate with, and so many different people that are needed to work in unison. A wedding planner in Ottawa can help you and guide you through the maze of pre-wedding planning and will be invaluable on your wedding day itself. Imagine that you are minutes away from being married but you don’t know where the cake is – wouldn’t it be fantastic if there were someone on hand who would be able to locate that cake for you?

Wouldn’t it be even better if you didn’t have to worry about that kind of thing at all, and could leave it up to someone else entirely? You could just get on with your wedding day, enjoying every moment, and leaving all your worries far away – the less stress you feel on your wedding day (and before), the better. That’s why you need a wedding planner – to give you the time and space to enjoy the most important day of your life, with the most important person in your life. To do anything less would be to do yourself a disservice.

Enhancing your own ideas

Let’s be clear, a good wedding planner is there to enhance and assist, not to take over and change. Perhaps you have an idea of what your wedding will be like. A wedding planner will have had experience of many previous weddings and will be able to tell you just how possible your perfect day will be.Moreover, they’ll be able to take your ideas and run with them. They’ll provide inspiration and motivation, guiding you to the best possible outcome based on what you really want.

You may have an idea of a theme you’d like to use, or perhaps just some colors that should feature. Your wedding planner will know just how to get the best from your ideas, building on the foundation you provide to develop a wedding celebration that is all about you and your partner…the best version of you both. Perhaps most importantly, your LUXE Weddings & Events wedding planner will know what won’t work for your wedding. There may just be little things that won’t turn out the way you imagine, so either a solution needs to be found or those things need to be thought about again. If there are enough of those “little things”, going ahead with the wedding plan and keeping them all in will result in one thing after another not going as you wanted – and that’s not a good start to married life.

With the experience carried by your wedding planner, you’ll find what doesn’t work, but also what really does work, and your wedding will be a day to remember for all the great things in it.

Building a Relationship

When you plan your wedding in Ottawa with LUXE Weddings & Events, we love to find out all about you. We don’t have a hidden agenda, trying to force you into one kind of wedding or another, needing you to use a particular vendor in favor of another, or taking over things you want to be in charge of.

What we do is to value our relationship with you. We don’t want to be just a simple supplier for your needs, we want to get to know you and build a real relationship with you. We don’t want to just work for you, we want to work with you.

It’s from a true relationship that we can understand what you truly want out of your wedding, and it helps us to plan with you when we know what your dreams and aspirations are.

Your wedding can be as simple or as indulgent as you desire, but without knowing all we can about you, we won’t be able to create a wedding that matches you perfectly.

We’re not here for cookie-cutter weddings, we’re not here to just get you through the day. We are here to make sure your wedding is an extension of your life and personality, and that everything you desire is planned meticulously so your wedding day runs just as you’d like it to.


The heart of our wedding planning service is creativity. When this is married to experience, you know you’re going to have a wedding day that really stands out and feels special to everyone involved. We listen carefully to what you and your partner say about what you want from the day, and we take this as inspiration to begin our job.

We also come back to you with ideas to make your wedding day fresh and appealing, inspiring you to greater heights and developing a plan for the perfect wedding day just for you. We want you to trust us, to trust our decisions, and to trust in our wedding planning skills. We try to make you feel as comfortable as possible discussing your dreams and plans right from the start, as this helps us to find out everything we need from you. If you don’t feel comfortable, there’s a chance you’ll hold back on some of the ideas that are most important to you, and we’d never want you to do that.

We hope that this builds a confidence in our skills and services, and that you’ll let us guide you through the winding path that can be the planning experience for a modern wedding. We’ve been this way many times before, and so can guide you with great confidence, giving you a hassle-free planning experiences that many married couples only wish they could have had.

You and your partner have your own ideas, your own style, your own way of just being YOU. We want to take that you-ness and incorporate it into a wedding that only you could have. We want your wedding day to be the happiest day of your life, and we want to work with you to make it a reality.

What makes a great wedding?

Everybody has a different idea of what will make a wedding great before the event, and everyone has a different idea after the event with the benefit of hindsight. Some will say the location, others say the people, while others still will say the clothes or the food. What really matters is how you remember your day. Was it a day that went smoothly with nothing for you to worry about, or was it a day where you had to make sure different things happened at the right time?

The more relaxed you are about the whole event, the more likely you are to enjoy it and retain positive memories for many years into the future. If you have to spend half of the day managing events and checking things are proceeding as you want them to, you probably won’t have the best of times. A wedding that is well-planned beforehand and then looked after on the day by someone else – your wedding planner – will give you the most positive experience possible. No stress, no hassle, no worries – just one day dedicated to you and your partner, where everything is taken care of. All the component parts of your wedding will have been planned well in advance, and with the experience a wedding planner brings to the table, any problems will be foreseen and avoided. You can look forward to the best and most exciting day of your life with no fears that anything will go wrong.

What’s more, everyone in attendance will have an enjoyable experience too. It is not unknown for a celebrating family member or friend to be given the job of supervising events as they unfold. This takes away from their day, and ultimately from yours – wouldn’t you rather that everyone you invited was there to celebrate your marriage and enjoy the day with you, rather than having to be “on duty” and running things behind the scenes?

Have you forgotten anything?

There are a multitude of things to plan for, which means there are plenty of things you could potentially forget. Traditional weddings often involve some familiar items – perhaps suits, dresses, cake, a photographer, and so on. But there can be much more to contend with too, and you have to keep on top of everything.

Someone will be needed to perform the wedding ceremony itself, which can sometimes be forgotten in the excitement of planning. It is this excitement that can lead to forgetfulness, but your wedding planner is ready to lend a hand.

Wedding planners will have seen every possible eventuality with regards to weddings, and there will be a list of boxes that need to be checked as a bare minimum to get your wedding started. Do you need flowers? What kind? How many? Who else needs flowers? Do they need the same kind? Will it match the color of the clothes? Can you get those flowers at that time of year? How much time do the flowers need to be ordered and prepared? What’s the cost? What if the first person you contact suddenly realizes they can’t do the job two months down the line? And all that is just about the flowers! Just wait until you start planning your wedding and have to keep track of numerous different people, locations, orders, deliveries, vendors, and venues!

You probably have a number of questions in addition to those above, and we will do our best to answer them all, as well as guiding you through the process. You might not even have a firm idea of how you want your wedding to be, and that’s one of the first things we need to establish with you. When we know what you want and what your expectations are, we are more fully empowered to provide the result you are looking for – the perfect wedding on the perfect day.

Learn more with a complimentary 1-hour consultation

Of course, we don’t want to come in and start telling you everything you need to do to plan your wedding. In fact, that would be counter-productive. What we prefer to do is meet you in a complimentary 1-hour consultation and find out all we can about you.

We’ll tell you all about how we work and what services we can provide to you. We know that you will want an amazing day, but we need to hear from you what your dreams are before we can tell you how they can be turned into reality. This initial consultation will also let us share details of the packages we offer and how you can customize everything about them. We don’t want any wedding to be identical to any other, and so we work with you to create the wedding that is perfect for both of you.

There’s no hidden agenda, and we are fully open and transparent with you. When you’re happy to work with LUXE Wedding & Event Planning to create your dream wedding in Ottawa, you can guarantee that you’ll get a top-class service and a wedding that everyone will remember fondly for many, many years.

What makes LUXE Wedding & Event Planning Services the best?

We know we offer the best wedding planning service in Ottawa simply based on the feedback we receive from all of our clients. Every happy couple has a story to tell, but the happiest ones will tell you all about the successes of their wedding day that can only happen when their wedding has been carefully planned.

Aside from what our clients say, here are a few reasons that we think truly make us stand out.

  • We’re not tied to any one venue – it doesn’t matter where you want any part of your wedding to occur, we’re happy to work with any venue.
  • We listen – we don’t come with a ready-made plan and just fill your name in on it. We care for every one of our couples and build a wedding plan based on your dreams and desires.
  • We’re creative – you might have an idea of how your wedding will be styled and how it will look. We can take what your imagining and bring it to life for your perfect wedding day.
  • We’re experienced – this means we have the knowledge needed to plan a successful wedding every single time. There will be no worrying or stress on your side, we’ll take care of the nitty- gritty and let you get on with what you came for – to get married.
  • We love a love story – and we truly enjoy being part of the love story of so many couples. Helping you to take the next step and have an absolutely amazing wedding is what motivates us to always do our best for you.

Meet Norma

I have a passion for planning weddings and events. Your wedding celebrates your unique love for each other and your relationship. About a year before my husband proposed to me, I was already planning up the details for our day. This is my desire for you - to help you pull off the day of your dreams while making it all about you and your partner.

” To me, being a wedding planner is about much more than spreadsheets and timelines. It is about being a friend, listening, guiding, inspiring and creating.”

Shortly after our wedding, I decided to become a Certified Wedding Planner through the Wedding Planner\'s Institute of Canada and start my own business. I began working with the top vendors in Ottawa. The knowledge and experience has allowed me to develop a deep understanding of the industry. For me, there is no better feeling than coming home after a client's wedding day knowing that it was pulled off successfully and they are beginning their new life together happier as ever.

I know how to see things from a bride & groom\'s point of view and my priority is to help make the journey down the aisle as fun and stress-free as possible all while seeing your dreams come true. I look forward to meeting you, hearing your story and helping you plan for your forever together - because...true love stories don\'t have endings.

"If you can dream it, We will plan it"